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PREFACE: This Blue Coast webpage is dedicated to the study of Kanaloa, ancient Hawaii's god of the ocean. The objective is to compile a comprehensive body of online information that collectively provides an analysis and understanding of this mysterious and obscure, yet major Hawaiian deity.

 This is a massive endeavor and should always be considered in "perpetual progress", thus your
including photographs of Kanaloa shrines, heaius, statues, etc.! All sources will be listed.

 Repetition has been avoided although different versions of a similar myth may occur. Readers are encouraged to point out any errors for the sake of accuracy. 

 Ultimately this website is a free, non-profit, public service to humanity whose mission is the preservation and understanding of a particular aspect of Hawaiian culture, namely Kanaloa. Thank you for your interest, assitance, and support of which this website would not be possible.

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Introduction: Classical western mythology and Kanaloa

Overview: General Information on Kanaloa

Au'a 'Ia E Kama I Kona Moku

awa and seduction, the squid god Kanaloa

Bernice P bishop Museum bulletin. 95 on kanaloa

Boundary marking, Ewa and Kanaloa

Canoes, Canoe Building and Kanaloa

chant to Kanaloa for calm seas (tahitian)

cloud islands - ao akua; Kanehunamoku

creation myth and Kanaloa

creation myths, other polynesian accounts, kanaloa

Creation myth, Kumulipo & Kanaloa

death, darkness, water and squid; kanaloa sea god of

equating Kahoolawe and Kanaloa

evolution of Kanaloa over time

fisherman Hankakahi and Kanaloa

fishermen, seamen, South Pacific Ocean- Kanaloa, Lord of,

Kane & Kanaloa travel on Oahu

geneology, Po and Kanaloa

the great peace, round eyes

hair, Kanaloa's

He Lawaia no Kaluaikawaolanakoa


healer, Kanaloa the

He Lawaia no Kaluaikawaolanakoa

Hina, heiaus and Kanaloa

Iao Needle and Kanaloa

Kanaloa-Huluhulu, the hairy one

humpback whales and Kanaloa

Ka'alaea watershed and Kanaloa

Kaho'olawe and Kanaloa


Kalalea Heaiu

Kanaloa kahoolawensis

Kane and Kanaloa in Ko'olauloa

Ka Wa Uumikumamalima - chant

Ka Wa Umikumamakolu - chant

Ku'ilioloa heiau and Kanaloa

Kumulipo in English by Beckwith

lunar calandar and Kanaloa

Maui the hero and Tangaroa/Kanaloa

Maui's Death and Kanaloa

Mokapu Peninsula and Kanaloa

Naha Stone

Na Pule Kahiko - Kanaloa: god of squid / octopus

night marchers and Kanaloa

Ocean travel and death, Kanaloa god of; wahi pana

Palaoa, whales, ivory and Kanaloa

Pantheon or Hana

parents of Kanaloa

Poseidon and Kanaloa comparison/contrast

Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau

sacred silence, lunar caladar and kanaloa

soul after death, po, 

sorcery and kanaloa as the devil

spirit people, calabash earth

springs, Kanaloa

stones in coastal areas, Kanaloa in (tahitian)

Waiakeakua: Water of the Gods

Wailau Valley and Hakaaano Flats

water baby, on the makaloa mat

whales, Kahoolawe, and Kanaloa

Ancient Hawaiian Prayers to Kanaloa 

Legend of the Ulu Tree

Kanaloa and Cloak weaving

Kanaloa and the Cloud Goddess




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