Fisherman Hanakahi and Kanaloa

There was once a fisherman named Hanakahi. Every day he would go out to the sea and catch fish. One day after he came back from fishing, even though he was really tired he prepared 'awa juice, fish and poi for the unknown gods.

Then he said a prayer,"unknown gods here is awa juice. Here are fish and poi. I pray you take this food and bless my fishing." When this prayer was ended the fisherman looked out and saw strangers. "Aloha!" he called in welcome "I have 'awa ready with fish and poi. Come in and eat with me"

The gods drank and ate. "We heard you pray Hanakahi," said one of the gods "We heard you offer food and drink to the unknown gods. Now we shall no longer be unknown. We are Kane and Kanaloa. We must go but we will be back in the morning."said one of the gods.

When they walked out they decided to build a fishpond for Hanakahi, and none of the fish would ever escape. When the morning came, they showed Hanakahi the pond, "It is for you Hanakahi, for you and your family. You may have all the fish you need." For a long time Hanakahi's family ate fish from that pond.